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The "X6 Plus" is our newest dual-lens motorcycle dashcam system. It comes with two cameras and one screen display.

Both cameras are waterproof and made of metal. The lenses have a 7 glass element construction and are equipped with the STARVIS SENSOR.

The STARVIS technology enhances the Night Vision function of the dashcam like never seen before. The results are astonishing. 

The display has a size of approximately 3 " inches (8cm) and offers you a very comfortable viewing experience.

The "X6 PRO" also comes with a Wi-Fi connection with which you can transfer the recorded video files directly to your smartphone via an APP and send them immediately to friends or even upload them to social media.

Its GPS speedometer is there for history track location playback.

Global Eagle STARVIS Night Vision Tech, 
referred to as GNVT.

Spectral Enhancement

The human eye can only see a limited amount of visible light. Spectral enhancement enables people to see the spectral bands that are invisible to the human eye, thereby increasing the light source to see things. 

Just because people can’t see something, it does not mean that there is no reflection of other light sources (such as near-infrared or ultraviolet light) around them. Some animals can see a broader spectrum at night based on this principle, so that they can be active at night, and that the road light environment at night is more visible, but it does not affect the recognition of license plates.

Full Colour Contrast Enhancement

It is the latest colour night vision image technology for truck driving recorders that has taken 5 years to develop by engineers from Taiwan GigaRadar Tech and California GlobalEagle.

Anyone who has used the recorder knows that if you want to see the surrounding environment clearly at night, the license plate will be overexposed, resulting in the inability to see the license plate clearly, which has plagued the operators and users of the driving recorder for a long time.

In view of this, the R & D team of GlobalEagle successfully developed the GNVT technology in August 2021 after repeated verification and modification from countless night experiments over many years.

General Commercial Driving Recorder

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Night vision contrast enhancement technology comes from military night vision technology.

Sometimes the light is too weak to see things clearly or far away. At this time, GlobalEagle GNVT technology can automatically combine into another full-color high-light source image after enhancing the blurred contour through digital noise filtering.

GlobalEagle X6 GNVT driving recorder

Starvis Specifications_English-01.png


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X6 PLUS  Specifications-01.png
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