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The "MJ-5" is a Car rearview mirror coupled with a “Dual Lens Dashcam” system. The front camera has a Full HD 1920 x 1080P resolution and a viewing angle of 145 °. The reversing camera has a viewing angle of 150 ° and Full HD resolution as well. 

This Dashcam system comes with the most recent safety features like ADAS (Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems) and BSD (Blind Spot Detection). The WDR technology gives you optimal night vision and reduces glare and halo.

​The GPS antenna sends you warnings of  “Fix  Speed Control Radar Points” so that you can adapt your speed depending on the limits of the road and informs you as well with his Safe Position System option.

The reversing camera is also waterproof and connected to the vehicle's reversing light system. It switches to "Reverse assist mode" when you drive your car in reverse such as when you exit a parking lot.  The touch screen in the mirror is 12 inches in size and provides you with a comfortable view.

Other functions such as “G-Sensor”, “Voice Warning”, “Parking Mode” and “Automatic file Lock” in the event of an accident are of course integrated into this fantastic “onboard camera system”.

Key Features
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