The “M5 Plus” is a Dual Lens Dash Cam that has a  1920P x 1080P Full HD resolution at  30/fps  front camera with a 150-degree  angle of view, and a built-in 500mAh battery that enables the camera to record for up to 30 seconds without power input.  

The front camera has a lens with 4 glass elements. Its WDR technology provides you with optimal night vision and reduces glare and halation. 

The rear camera is also waterproof and is connected to the car’s backup lights system and jump’s to “Reversing Assistant Mode” while pulling out backwards of a parking spot with a 720P resolution.  This Function helps you to see the blind spots while you are reversing your car.

The Display in the mirror has a size of 4.5” Inch and provides you with a resolution of 850P x 480P.

4.5" Inch High-Resolution LCD Screen

4.5" Inch wide LCD Screen to fit the driver's needs. Vivid colours and good brightness for a comfortable view.

Parking Mode

The "M5 Plus" can be triggered to power on automatically and start recording instantly if your vehicle experiences a vibration.


The G-Sensor records the G-force data. It is triggered by a certain force and vibrations.

Automatic File Lock System

Protects the current file from loop recording.

Reversing Assistant Mode

Assists you when reversing by showing you the footage of the rear camera on the 4.5 “Ich Display.

Adjustable Lens Design

The lens can be easily adjusted by hand to the desired angle.

Night Vision

Clear images in low light situations.

Ⓒ Global Eagle