The Global Eagle “B3” is a Truck Dash Cam that has 4  1280P x 720P  HD resolution cameras running at 30/fps  with a total view of 360° degree.

The cameras have a lens construction of 6 glass elements reflecting the light on a Sony Sensor.

The integrated WDR technology provides you with optimal night vision and reduces glare and halation. 

All 4 cameras are waterproof.

Say goodbye to death angles and welcome the comfort of 360-degree of view on a 7" Inch big Monitor when handling with a Truck!
Everything around your Truck will be displayed in one screen and recorded at the same time!

With the Global Eagle B3, you have total control of all what is around you and your Truck. 


Large aperture for low light situation

Sony CMOS Sensor

720P Sony Sensor

Reversing Assistant Mode

Assist’s you when reversing by showing you the footage of the rear camera on the 7.0“ Inch Display.

7.0” Inch Wide LCD Screen

Large display for a comfortable view. 

Night Vision

Clear images in low light situations.

Voice Control System

Controll the device by voice

WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)

No Glare and no Halation. Enhanced view in a low light situation.

3D View

3D Eagle View System

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